Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My perfect world

It was late one night when a miracle occurred, a bright purple flash engulfed the world and the world was made perfect, this is the story through my eyes.

I woke one morning to find that everything had changed. My room was bigger and exactly matched the room of my dreams. I opened the window to let some fresh air in only to find that the air smelled cleaner and sweeter than ever before. The grass everywhere the eyes could see was lush and thick. There was no trash on the side of the road and no trash in our front yard. I left the window open, quickly changed, and ran down the stairs.

I felt like I was in the best of moods, completely happy for no apparent reason. My parents were the same way, just as happy as I was. We turned on the news only to hear how great the world had become over night. There were no more wars and even arch enemies had settled their differences to become friends. No more crimes were committed and the world was no longer polluted. The strange thing was that no one questioned what had happened to make the world perfect.

I went to school and noticed that everything looked clean and there were no more run down building, all the buildings looked brand new. Everyone on the street looked happy, and everyone working loved there job. When I arrived at school, I noticed that the school seemed different, more high-tech. I went up and talked to a few guy friends. The guys had also changed, they were no longer jerks or immature, they were sweet and kind. The rest of my day went great, at school education was very important and there were no more idiots in school.

Suddenly a loud beeping echoed through my mind. The world around me started to deteriorate, as I blinked my eyes into reality. I sat up in my bed and realized everything was a dream.

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