Sunday, February 22, 2009

Antigone Review

Would you stay with a decision, even if you knew that decision was wrong, for the sake of your pride? That question is represented in Creon one of the main characters in Antigone. Antigone by Sophocles astounded me with its confusing themes and tangled dialogue. The play did have some redeeming qualities lying within the books characters.

The dialogue of Antigone was very complicated and confusing. I was never completely certain of the events that were unfolding. To make matters worse, prior knowledge of Greek mythology is needed to even begin to comprehend the meaning of the play. The events that take place seem almost rushed, which leads to only more puzzlement on the readers part.

The characters were the best part of Antigone. Antigone is a free-willed, stubborn woman bent on sticking with her beliefs. All women should learn from Antigone to all ways stick with one’s beliefs. Creon was another intriguing character. He was almost a character that we all love to hate. He remains the antagonist until the end when he does a complete 360. Creon is stubborn and prideful, so much so that those traits lead to self-destruction.

I would not recommend this book to any ordinary students looking for a good read. The only people I would recommend this to read are those that enjoy plays like those of Shakespeare.

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