Friday, January 23, 2009

Review for Crank

Crank is a book by Ellen Hopkins about a girl that gets down with the monster, crank, ice, meth. The story is in poem format, but the book shows raw emotions better than any story formated book that I have ever read. Crank really showed me the life of someone that was hooked on meth, without knowing she was hooked (she thought she was in control).

Crank is a story that is based on the really experiences of Ellen Hopkins's daughter. The story is only coming more and more familiar in our modern day society and that is extremely depressing. To know that many Americans spend their lifes revolved around a substance that is killing them, and this story shows that to the fullest. The main character, Kristina or Bree, is not some slum street kid either, she has a good family and is "the perfect daughter."

Crank tells Kristina's or Bree's struggle through a hard society and where, for her, courage is only a snort a way. It is a very real story that warned me about the dangers of meth, while inspiring me to be the best I can be.

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