Friday, January 23, 2009

Taking a Stand

Taking a stand is not always easy; I once took a stand for McCain and against Obama. I was the odd man out, the black sheep of the family. I was the blemish on the face of my Obama-supporting family, which was not the greatest feeling in the world. Also equally distressing, I was often ridiculed for my choice of candidate in the presidential election. My family seemed to take delight in poking fun at me for my choice of McCain. I was deemed "the little Republican," a title that was labeled as funny in my democratic family. Finally taking a stand for myself, I debated against them, thrusting my opinions in their faces whether they wanted to hear my opinions or not. Of course, my family is very stubborn, so for me debating against them was as if I were trying to swim up a river. I would get very upset, and because the opposition came at me from all sides, I felt like I was cornered. I acted accordingly, like a snarling animal, which earned more chuckles. To my eyes I was a seething tiger, but to their eyes I was a furious kitten. Even though I was mocked, debated against, and the outcast of the family, I still took a stand for myself against my own family.

So take a stand even if doing so is hard. Let everyone know your feelings and don't just bottle up anger if someone is pushing you around, stand up and make them back down. Even if standing up is hard sometimes, standing up usually makes obstacles easier to overcome.

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