Monday, September 22, 2008

Sci-Fi... Good or Bad?

I would recomend reading Sci-Fi books. This is one of my favorite genres to read. Sci-Fi and fantasy books are some of the only I read. Science fiction books let you get a different understanding of the world. It focuses on ideas that while not true now could easily be true in the future. In "The Invisible Man" the main character is invisible, that is not possible to be invisible at this time, but scientists have already started looking into that idea. Although I normally like Sci-Fi, I did not really enjoy this book. "The Invisible Man" was a little to boring and dry for my taste. One Science Fiction book that I have really enjoyed is "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. There is always something happening in every chapter so it holds your intrest up to the very last page and then leaves you dying for more. So think about it ,maybe Sci-Fi is that genre you never thought twice about, I hope this makes you think twice.

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