Thursday, September 18, 2008

Enter Bella!

Bella, my character, is an amazing creature. For one thing, she is a vampire. She feeds on human blood, but that does not necessarily mean that she kills them. As a vampire she has to have human blood to survive, but drinking their blood does not kill them or turn them into vampires. She has the pale white skin, the unbeating heart, and the almost perfect beauty, as all vampires do. She does not much like the term vampire and prefers to use the term true Nellucian. Vampires have only one enemy and they are the werewolves. The vampires and werewolves have been locked in an age old battle for as long as they can remember. It is only fate that the werewolves live on the same planet as the vampires. Both sides want to rule the planet for their own. The werewolves call themselves Wolvericans, but Bella sees them as barbaric dogs and calls them the title she feels they deserve which is werewolf. Another thing about Bella is that she is the daughter of the emperor. She is the next in line for the throne, should anything happen to her father. Although many true Nellucians encourage her that she would be perfect for the crown, she does not feel she would rule as well as her father. And she is not keen at the thought of becoming the empress. She knows it would limit what she would be able to do. No more would she lead the assaults upon Wolver. Because of her position as the emperor’s daughter, she was able to climb the ranks of the military and take command. She often leads the attacks on the werewolves, and is always looking for an opportunity to. Whenever there is a battle, she is always at the front lines encouraging the others as she hacks into her opponents. She is a master of the battlefield and also of politics. As commander of the Nellucian army and as the emperor’s daughter, her political views are highly valued in the Senate. Though by true Nellucian standards she is very young, the Senators usually agree with her views, and she is highly respected within the Senate and without. Being a war hero, the people of the Nellucian Empire adore her and they feel she has their best interests at heart. The last thing about Bella is her strengths and her weaknesses. She did not merely gain such a high rank because of her father. She is incredibly strong, even for the Nellucian standard. She can easily lift an object weighing a ton in one hand. She uses her strength to her advantage when fighting the Wolvericans. She is deadly with the long, heavy, silver sword when she attacks a group of werewolves. She is also amazingly fast, though not as fast as some others in the empire. She is a blur when she runs, human eyes can not follow her nor can they detect that she was even there in the first place. With this strength and agility combo she is a dreaded creature to the Wolvericans. Though Nellucian standards are high she exceeds all of them. But like any creature she has weaknesses. All true Nellucians are terrified of steel. Steel is to vampires as silver is to werewolves. A serious wound struck by a steel weapon will kill a Nellucian. Bella shows no fear of steel, even though it is able to kill her. She wears a red, steel cross as a necklace to show her bravery. Nellucians can only be killed one other way, the Wolvericans prefer to use this method, which is to be torn apart and be lit on fire. Most Wolvericans do not have steel weapons and many that do would rather tear the Nellucians apart with their teeth and burn the bodies after the battle. Bella is also a kind, trusting person to other Nellucians, some consider this a strength and others see it as a weakness. She is always willing to help a comrade or help a family in need. Though she is extremely trusting of people, she is also aware that there is treachery everywhere. She is a role model for many of the children, true Nellucian and human alike. All in all Bella is a rare and marvelous creature.

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