Saturday, April 4, 2009

Excert from Anthem Essay

Modern society lies among the ruins of time. Our society is destroyed and no longer exists. We had a society type of all for one. We cared mostly about ourselves and did not really think of the good for others as a whole. Our society was only concerned with itself and not with other societies. Our society was very free minded. All of the people in our society had the right of expression and being creative. We were hardly restricted and we built the life we wanted to lead. The society of the brotherhood also in a way lies in ruins. Their society type is one for all. While that seems like a grand type of society to have, the people in the society are thought little of and mean almost nothing. The people of this society give their entire lives for the Brotherhood in which they serve, and think of nothing for themselves. This makes the people unhappy, for they will never know true happiness unless they do what they want to. Their society oppresses the people within the society. They never think for themselves, in fact they are punished severely if they think for themselves at all. The people are assigned what role they will play in society and they can never change that, the only option for them is to bow their heads and close their eyes and follow orders. They are ruled through fear and the society has dematerialized from former glory.

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